WFP seeks candidates of the highest integrity and professionalism 

Selection of staff is made on a competitive basis, and we are committed to promoting diversity and gender balance.


The World Food Program (WFP) is the largest humanitarian agency fighting hunger in the world. WFP works for a world where every man, woman and child has permanent access to enough food for a healthy and active life.


These posts are located at Headquarters (HQ), Regional Offices (ROs) and Country Offices (COs) and Regional Offices / Field Offices. Position Holders Reporting to a Logistics Manager, Unit Head or Designated Person 

At this level, the incumbents of positions have the responsibility and the initiative to respond independently to the questions that provide only general guidance for all WFP assistance modalities and common logistics services. Judgment is required to deal with unforeseen problems on a daily basis. Position holders usually manage a small team, coaching and supervising staff.


Provide specialized support functions and / or supervise personnel performing standard logistics / supply chain processes and activities to enable efficient delivery of goods and services for all delivery terms.


1. Provide specialized support to logistics operations and activities, following standard processes and contributing, directly or indirectly, to the efficient delivery of food aid to beneficiaries. 

2. Coordinate requisition and ensure timely delivery of products and deliveries to authorized partners and destinations. 

3. Manage the outsourcing activities of logistics providers, including monitoring and performance measurement. 

4. Support the collection of market intelligence, vendor assessments (for example, carriers and retailers) to support the vendor selection process. 

5. Identify, resolve and / or provide recommendations on specialized requests / requests for support, using the initiative and following standard processes, to ensure prompt and accurate resolution of requests with an excellent customer service mindset . 

6. Prepare, monitor and revise the budget for all delivery modalities, ensuring compliance with relevant procedures and in accordance with company standards. 

7. Monitor inventory management processes to track trends and consider the status of the inventory from source to recipient. 

8. Support the monitoring of the quality and integrity of commodity accounting data. 

9. Analyze the operational pipeline and contribute to assessments and operational planning for all delivery modalities, to ensure that supply chain requirements are considered. 

10. Manage the processing of documentation for the execution of logistics operations (eg Customs Clearance, Invoice Verification), take appropriate action to resolve operational issues by passing complex issues to the supervisor.


11. Conduct research, collect data and perform analyzes, produce reports (eg, ITCB, RPD, financial closure, physical inventory, transportation performance) and ensure the accuracy of information in the reporting systems. the company to allow clear decision-making. 

12. Liaise with internal and external stakeholders to support the management of logistics operations and contribute to effective service delivery. 

13. Oversee the work of support staff, provide practical advice to ensure that individual and team objectives are met in accordance with agreed standards and timelines for all support modalities. 

14. Support logistics preparedness and response activities, including logistical capacity assessment and emergency plan update, to support WFP's response to emergencies



  • Understanding and communicating the strategic objectives: Develops the team in the most effective way to communicate WFP's strategic objectives for the WFP team and partners in the field
  • Being a force for positive change: Implements new methods or tools to improve team work processes and productivity
  • Make the mission a source of inspiration for our team: Plan the activities and tasks of the team based on specific successes in the beneficiary communities to have a positive impact
  • Make our mission known in everyday actions: Explain to teammates how each unit contributes to WFP's global mission


  • Look for ways to build people's skills: Identifies skills development capabilities such as training modules or workplace experiences for oneself, colleagues, and direct reports
  • Create an Inclusive Culture: Facilitates team building activities to build relationships in your own unit
  • Develop and provide constructive feedback: Facilitate the association of junior colleagues with coaches within your own team
  • Create a "I Want" / "We Will Do" spirit: Anticipates potential challenges and develops mitigation plans to ensure the team achieves goals and targets


  • Encourage innovation and creative solutions: Identifies opportunities to be creative in one's own work and help the team be more innovative and specific in their respective tasks and areas of work
  • Focus on Achieving Results: Monitors the expected results of the team and provides feedback to ensure results are consistently and accurately delivered
  • Make commitments and respect them: Gives specific advice to the team on responsibilities and tasks, while respecting their own commitment to the team
  • Making a Difference: Leading by example and providing advice to junior team members as issues get worse as they face difficult workplace or field issues


  • Connect and share among WFP units: Facilitate partnerships with other WFP units to accomplish field missions
  • Building Strong External Partnerships: Provides an example and provides advice to the team on how to build relationships with external partners
  • Be politically agile and adaptable: Outlines to colleagues or direct reports the value of the contribution of other WFP teams and agency partnerships to achieve MAP objectives


Capacity Name Description of the expected behavior for the skill level
Supply Chain Management and Optimization Demonstrates the ability to design basic supply chain networks, including appropriate assessment and escalation of challenges to ensure that WFP is able to provide constant and uninterrupted service to its beneficiaries and partners.
Planning, Project and Resource Management Collects and analyzes relevant technical data from a variety of sources to forecast operational requirements in various scenarios and makes evidence-based proposals.
Information Management and Reporting Liaises with internal and external stakeholders to consolidate preliminary data analysis, prepare reports, and disseminate information that represents concerns and trends.
Market Analysis, Contracting and Operational Execution Demonstrates its ability to gather market information and processes and analyzes proposals in accordance with WFP's standard rules and regulations to deliver efficiently.
Warehouse and Inventory Management Demonstrates ability to implement operational warehouse procedures and normative guidelines to manage the WFP warehouse, effectively manage inventory using corporate systems, and ensure mitigation of losses.
Technical Assistance and Coordination Demonstrates its ability to provide basic technical advice and maintain effective (inclusive, collaborative, unified) logistics coordination mechanisms with humanitarian partners and other relevant stakeholders.



High School Diploma. A post-secondary certificate in the related functional area.

General Services (Headquarters): Maîtrise (level C) in English. Master's degree (C level) or intermediate knowledge (B level) from another official language may be required depending on the location of the position or area of ​​responsibility. 

General Service (Field): Proficiency in oral and written communication in the UN language used at the duty station and in the language of the duty station, if different.


· Experience in enterprise systems management and queries for ongoing shipments, pipeline information, claims and food stocks. 

· Experience in administering third-party service provider contracts. 

· Experience in compiling contract documentation. 

· Experience in the execution of the contract. 

· Experience in budget tracking and reporting


JULY 18, 2019
Female applicants and qualified applicants from Developing Countries Especially are Encouraged to apply 

WFP HAS zero tolerance for discrimination and does not discriminate on the basis of HIV / AIDS status. 

ACFPQ, International Civil Service Commission (ICSC), FAO Finance Committee, WFP External Auditor, WFP Audit Committee, Joint Inspection Unit (ICSC) JIU) and other similar bodies within the United Nations system with oversight responsibilities over WFP, both during their service and within three years of ceasing that service.